Home Audio & Video Systems IntegrationMore product, less hype

Have you ever gone into an electronics store and left with something that they wanted you to buy rather than what you really wanted? At EBD (Concierge Home Systems), we listen to what you tell us you want. We let you know of whats going on in the home A/V industry, but we’ll never push you into some “cookie cutter” system for a profit. Our clients respect our business philosophy, and after all, its respect that keeps your clients coming back and referring friends and family.

EBD delivers, installs, and services

Front Projection (CRT)
Rear Projection (CRT)
LCD Projection ( front & rear)
LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon)
Bookshelf & Standing Floor Speakers
In-Wall Speaker
Wireless Speakers
Flush-Mount Speakers
Landscaping Audio (“rock speakers”)

Custom Racks & Mounts
Cinema Seating
Desktop Stereos
CD/DVD Players & Changers
CD/DVD/DVR Recorders
Cassette Decks
Multi-Source/Multi-channel Distributors
Satellite Signal Distributors

Why simply “keep up”?

Our selection of product is without bounds, and Concierge Home Systems can deliver, install, and service any configuration from the simplest Hi-Fi stereo to the most elaborate 160 inch HDTV front projector.